About us:
Apartment-Rebates.com services are provided by WTA, Inc. We are one of the oldest providers of locating services for San Antonio apartments since 1987 and are founding members of our national trade association Apartments Across America. WTA is the largest apartment locating company in San Antonio made up of a team of over 100 licensed locating professionals spread over 5 San Antonio locations. We generated over 70% of the locating leases last year and are aggressively expanding into other markets. WTA is the only apartment locator in San Antonio that can offer this measure of support, experience and expertise to your apartment shopping experience.

What we offer:
Apartment-Rebates.com is a rebate apartment rental database internet site servicing the greater San Antonio, TX area. Our goal is to offer a simple but sophisticated database design with the most complete, up to date apartment data, to aid your apartment search. You can choose to hunt on your own and use only our database. You may choose to call us for help on apartment availability, insights into management company history, overall market conditions, qualifying help or anything at all that you may need. If you don't care to drive around on your own we would be happy to escort you to any or all apartment communities you might be interested in . We have five local offices to service your apartment finding needs. Our full service is completely free, never a charge. Whatever level of service you require is up to you but whatever you choose don't forget to put Apartment-Rebates.com on all your guest cards and applications and fill out our site rebate form for up to $300 back on your apartment selection.

The Process:
1. Search for an Apartment on our database
2. Register Apartment-Rebates.com on all guest cards and applications as the refer
3. Fill out rebate form to collect up to $300!!!

If you have any questions or need help on your Apartment-Rebates.com and would like to call or email us please click here. If you would like to speak to one of our apartment locators online click on the icon below. Click here to view our san antonio office locations.





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